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Charles J. Beech

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Beech is Chairman & CEO of Peregrine Enterprises, Inc., an investment holding company that focuses on acquisitions and strategic alliances relating to technology, marketing services, and consumer products businesses. Mr. Beech has over twenty years of global business experience.


Peregrine Enterprises owns Message Factors, Inc., a national market research and consulting firm, as well as PWI, a national research field service company. Over the last 45 years, Message Factors, Inc., completed assignments for many Fortune 500 companies such as Procter & Gamble, DaimlerChrysler, General Electric, and FedEx as well as hundreds of other clients primarily in banking, health care, distribution, and consumer products.  Mr. Beech has been Chairman of the Board of Message Factors, Inc., for nineteen years.


In the capacity as Chairman & CEO of Peregrine Enterprises Inc., Mr. Beech was also one of the founders, as well as Chairman & CEO of Trivantis, Inc.. Trivantis, until acquired, was one of the leading global technology firms that markets eLearning, and other internet publishing and storage software. At the time Trivantis was sold it had been in business for 16 years, and marketed its products in 126 countries in seven languages. Mr. Beech also served as the Chairman of Flypaper Studio, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Trivantis. Flypaper Studio, was a provider of digital signage content development tools. Mr. Beech was actively involved in the day to day operations as well as the strategic planning, and marketing for Trivantis. 

Previously, as the Managing Partner of MARCO, a merchant banking firm, Mr. Beech became President and CEO of CheckRobot, Inc. CheckRobot developed breakthrough technology for self-service checkout lanes in food stores, as well as video-driven electronic marketing products.

The electronic marketing products were sold through a joint venture comprised of Procter & Gamble, Dun & Bradstreet, GTE, Schlumberger, and Advanced Promotion Technologies.  Mr. Beech was a Director of this joint venture. 

Before going into business for himself Mr. Beech was President of the Maybelline Sales Corporation – a national cosmetics company.  Mr. Beech was a member of the Officers Committee and contributed to strategic planning and daily overall operations of Maybelline.

Prior to Maybelline, Mr. Beech worked for Procter & Gamble in a variety of management positions covering trade marketing, training and sales.  His responsibilities included developing sales and promotional plans for new and established brands, developing and analyzing test markets, managing sales offices throughout the United States, and developing and implementing training and management programs and seminars.  

Mr. Beech has been a speaker at the Food Marketing Institute, Health and Beauty Aid Convention, the National Food Brokers Association, Safeway National Meeting, K-Mart National Meeting, as well as numerous investment banking meetings in New York, London, Boston, Hong Kong and Beijing. 

Mr. Beech has been a board member of the Salvation Army, a member of the vestry of St. Thomas Episcopal Church, and the President of the Terrace Park Swim and Tennis Club. Mr. Beech was on the Board of Trustees of St. Mary’s School for Girls for ten years, and also was on the board of the International Children's Heart Foundation.  Mr. Beech is currently a board member, and past president, of the board of the US Navy League in Memphis.  Also Mr. Beech is on the board of Start Co, a non-profit accelerator for technology entrepreneurs and startups.

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